The Upper Salmon

The Upper Salmon’s annual Spruce Moth hatch is here!  These small white moths are easily mimicked by a classic EH Caddis.  The hatch is most prolific in the deeper canyon shadows between Basin Creek  and Slate Creek. The hatch gets going around 9 am and continues until the day heats up.  Some of these overcast days have offered phenomenal fishing deep into the afternoon.

High Country Lake Fishing

The high country lakes are all fishing phenomenally!  Ants, mosquitos, Small Sallys and ripping streamers is the ticket. Drop by the shop for real-time info on what lakes are fishing.

Middle Fork of the Salmon Fly Fishing

The abundant snowpack has the MFS fishing great all summer. Recently, Loon Creek blew out due to a big summer rain event.  Recent reports claim clear water and hot fishing.  Fat Alberts, Yellow Sally, Big Foam Hoppers with BH droppers is the program.

Drop by the Stanley Fly Shop shop for up-to-date info and a new shipment of moths, ants and hoopers.