The last couple of days have been warming up and the flies are starting to come out! It’s officially time to put away the cold-weather gear, and dust off those fly rods that have been sitting in your garage all winter. 

Stanley, Idaho Weather and Fishing Conditions

With the last couple of weeks consisting of weather reaching 80º, the snow has begun to melt and after a week of murky water, the river is starting to clear up. Ultimately, this means that the water is back to its crystal clear flow and fun for fishing. Make sure to bring the kids out and show them just how exciting a day on the river can be. 

Upper Salmon River Fishing Conditions

Throughout the last week, fish have been rising during our day float fishing trips. This has proven to be extremely fun for people of all ages, including those with children who are just learning the ways of the river. If looking to wade with the family, Mormon Bend has shown to be a wonderful place for families and beginners this time of year. 

Many of our anglers have reported that they are catching Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout while out on the river. Make sure to stop at the Stanley Fly Shop on your way out to the river and pick up some flies for your trip! Right now, Chubby Chernobyls have been doing extremely well on the Upper Salmon. Along with this, there has been a bit of a Golden Stonefly hatch going on in Stanley. Inevitably this means that flies such as Water Walker Goldens have been catching well over the last couple of days. 

Middle Fork of the Salmon Fishing Conditions

The Middle Fork has turned “ON” over the past 7 days.  We are targeting the Middle Fork’s fun and aggressive Westslope Cutthroat.  We are top water fishing with big, bright and foamy MFC flies.  Yellow and Purple seem to be this weeks color of choice. Drop by the Stanley Fly Shop and ask for a ‘Middle Fork Puck’  These are a collection of curated flies by our MFS guides, updated weekly and guaranteed to catch fish.

The Stanley Fly Shop 

We are open 8-8, 7 days a week and ready to answer any questions that come our way.  We have a variety of items to enhance your week on the Middle Fork.  Make sure to swing by the shop on your way through of town!