The Stanley Fly Shop will open March 23rd for the Stanley’s 2019 Steelhead season.

Historically speaking these amazing fish begin to return to the Sawtooth Valley starting in March.  The peak of the return historically occurs during the first 3 weeks on April. Stanley fishing is located within IFG’s section #19.

Heavy snow in the Sawtooth Valley has created a very low early season Steelhead scouting or angler effort.  Stay tuned as we get out on the water over the next few weeks.  In the meantime, check out Idaho Fish & Game website to time your Stanley Steelhead trip with returning fish.

Steelhead Infomation:

Idaho Fish & Game Steelhead Regulations

IF&G Steelhead Page

Current Steelhead Information: use to plan the timing of your Stanley Steelhead Trip

IF&G Fishing Report 

IF&G Dam Counts

IF&G Hatchery Returns

IF&G Harvest Reports

Stanley Lodging for Steelhead Season

High Country Inn

Redfish Riverside Inn

Jerry’s Country Store & Motel

Mountain Village Lodge