We are wrapping up the 2018 steelhead season. Only two weeks left to get out there. Flows are fluctuating on a daily basis and will continue to do so for the remainder of April. Days where the river is dropping and clearing are ideal days to fish. The hot tactic for this time of year is a double nymph rig with a couple of BB sized split shot above the point fly. Vary the split shot size and placement to achieve the necessary depth for the run you are fishing. Popular flies are a kaufmann’s or rubberleg stonefly with an orange or pink glow bug ( beads work well too) dropped about a foot and a half below that. Swinging flies either with a single hander or spey rod can also be productive despite the cold temperatures. Egg-sucking leeches in black or purple or hoh-bo spey’s in a similar color selection will take more active fish. Look for the fish to be parked in the slower currents resting on their upstream journey. As always this time of year, be on the lookout for redds ( clear patches of river rock that indicate actively spawning fish). If you spot a redd, DO NOT fish in that particular run. With this season’s low return numbers –or any season for that matter– actively spawning fish do not deserve to be harassed and should be left to do their thing.