Weather Recap – 

Over the last few days in Stanley, the weather has been exceptionally cool in the morning and heating up in the afternoon. These cool mornings are good news for the water seeing that it allows the temps to drop lower at night. This being said, the fishing has been happening during the morning until about 12:00 pm and picking up again in the evenings. 


What’s Hatching – 

As of yesterday, there is a bit of a Spruce Moth hatch happening on the Salmon. This is attracting a good amount of smaller fish. However, a large number of our anglers are having luck using big foam flies. Fat Alberts and Chubbys seem to be fishing the best, along with Hoppers and Beetles. Extremely similar to the week prior. 


Middle Fork – 

On the Middle Fork, anglers are searching for fish in highly oxygenated waters. These waters can be found near inlets, where streams meet with the Middle Fork. Along with this, our guides are encouraging guests to fish in the mornings during the cooler temperatures in order to preserve the fish. Make sure to check thermometers often and put those rods away if water temperatures start to reach 67°. 


Stanley Fly Shop Update –

In Stanley, summer is still in full swing. Travelers are enjoying spending their days at Alpine Lakes along with hiking through the Sawtooths. During the mornings, you can find a delicious breakfast at the Stanley Baking Company. Following this, anglers will stop by the Stanley Fly Shop for all of their fishing-related needs before they head out on the river. Once done fishing, many visitors will head to the Sawtooth Hotel for a delicious dinner and dessert before making their way to their campsites on the outskirts of town.