Dry fly season is here folks!  This weeks HOT bugs include Golden Stonefly, Olive Simulators and Chernobyl.

The river is dropping and clearing from the recent rains and sun is in the forecast. Just got done running a trip from town to Mormon Bend with clients and the majority of eats were on the golden stone dry. We saw plenty of nymphal shucks caking the streamside structure and a few ovipositing adults around. Now is the time to throw the big flies. Relish it because after a few weeks of getting hooked on the foamies the fish start to shy away from the monster dry fly game. There are still a ton of caddis skittering around as well and a few smaller green drakes. As far as fly patterns go, Stimulators in olive or orange (around size 8) ought to be the hot bug. Chernobyls or more golden stone specific patterns will be equally as effective ( and more buoyant for the heavy water) and we have a ton in the shop. String a medium size elk hair caddis or parachute adams off the back and see if you don’t pick up a few more. If the sun is high or the bite slows in the afternoon, a hare’s ear or pheasant tail variant off the back should keep you hooked up. 

     The shop is fully open now so swing by and grab some flies or anything else you may need… Stay tuned for more updates as the season really gets rolling. Enjoy